Entrepreneurial vision

All employees share one goal: developing MCI into the leading manufacturer of metal functional ceilings in Europe, measured by the turnover achieved for special ceilings. At the same time, the company aims to supply high-quality yet inexpensive products, from standard coffers and rectangular metal panels through to climate control ceilings, fire-protection ceilings and cleanroom ceilings, with all of the expertise of a specialist.

MCI is one of the few metal ceiling manufacturers that provides assistance for planning and production according to order, yet does not install products itself. Our customers are specialist installers. Innovation and further development secure our future. We have already begun to break new ground in the structural element sector. Our new machinery is now opening up many new opportunities for us.

We have made it our goal to tap into new markets, both in terms of content and regionally, for our drywall construction customers using innovative air-conditioning systems that are only based on drywall construction products, and thus add a new dimension to the drywall construction industry.